InterWire 2019

InterWire 2019

Proudly present to you our best seller- Aluminium Hot Rolled Wire for Aerospace Fasteners. 


Exclusive Technology to Manufacture Hot Rolled Wire for Aerospace Fasteners (300kg/coil)


WE supplies Aluminium Alloy materials for aerospace screws, nuts, small rivets and other fasteners in various diameters. This type of material is in short supply due to the scarcity of its makers. Rivets are made of hot rolled wires and currently only 2 companies in the world can manufacture those wires made of high-strength Aluminium alloy. One of them can only provide 200kg per coil. The other, which is Ye Fong, has come up with an exclusive technology to be the world's first supplier to provide 300kg per coil.



Expert of Aerospace Fastener Materials


These wires per coil weight 300kg without welding, which is an exclusive advantage to Ye Fong. It indeed saves a lot of cost for customers on time-changing and labor cost. Ye Fong services some of the large corporations such as Arconic, PCC and Titanium through which its products are supplied to the U.S. and Europe. 


Aerospace fasteners are mostly made of wire rods and sometimes straight bars. Wire rods are mostly made by continuous high speed forging and therefore reduce cost.  On the other hand, straight bars are made by CNC processing and therefore its production is slower. To be accepted into the aerospace market, wire rods must be in a flawless state by shaving the surface of the Aluminium wires as an additional process. It is very easy to peel titanium, steel and copper wires, but shaving Aluminium alloy is extremely difficult.  After a year of research and improvement, we finally develop the technology to shave Aluminium alloy successfully.