About Ye Fong




  • Founded: Ye Fong Aluminium started in 2007
  • Location:  Taoyuan City, TAIWAN.
  • Factory Scale:  42,000 square meters
  • Employee:  150 persons
  • Award: NADCAP, DNV, ABS and AS9100 Aerospace Quality System, ISO 9001 , ISO14001



  • High Strength Aluminium Alloys
  • Customized Tempers, Stress Relieve Tempers
  • AMS Aerospace Material
  • In Time Development & Flexible Management



  • Aluminium Extrusion & Cold Drawn seamless Tube, Bar, Profile
  • Aluminium Hot Rolled Plate
  • Aluminium Hot Rolled Wire (Redraw Wire / Finished Wire)
  • We offer customers with customized service with tailor-made specifications. The alloy we utilized from 2000 to 7000 series and our core competency is the production of alloy parts for the aerospace industry such as high strength alloy in 7075-T7351, 2024-T351 as per AMS standards.



Ye Fong Aluminium is the aluminium alloy manufacturer in Taiwan, provides worldwide customers with full customized product development、technical consulting and technical service.  The production item contents Aluminium PLATE、Aluminium BAR、Aluminium seamless TUBE and Aluminium PROFILE, and Aluminium HOT ROLLED WIRE, the Aluminium alloy utilized from 2000 to 7000 series.


The company was designed and established by the famous aluminium material specialist Mr. Liu Kuang-Hui, Mr. Liu and his crew have been working in the field of aluminium alloy development for thirty years, during that period, the developed many special material applied in sport equipment,automobile component, electronic industry, optial equipment and aeronautic industry. The customers covered North America、Europe、Africa and Asia, the qualified produects are evaluated as Ye Fong Aluminium is an outstanding aluminium supplier/mill.

The Ye Fong working group is a professional team, with the infinite potential they can proceed the technical process to satisfy the market demanding whatever in developing or manufacturing, the team is pursuing to corporate with the customer and enjoy the benefical for both side.


The company has been approved the certificate ISO9001, ABS, DNV and the certificate AS9100 by AFAQ-AFNOR, and most importantly approved by NADCAP, Ye Fong is under those quality management system. Ye Fong is seriously keeping the process control and cotinuous improve action thus not only keep the hardware and software in the optimize condition, but also protect the products quality for the customer carefully. 



Taiwan Aerospace Aluminium Alloy Tube, Bar, hot rolled wire





 Extrusion & Cold Drawn

Aluminium Round Bar Diameter 6~250mm
Aluminium Flat Bar Cross Sectional Diameter 6~250mm
Aluminium Seamless Tube Outer Diameter 6~200mm

 Temper / Condition

 Temper/ Condition
7075/7050/7055/7001/7475 T651/T7351/T7451/T7651/T7751
2011/2014/2017/2024/2681 T351/T4/T651/T851
6061/6082 T451/T651/T851/T9
5052/5056 H112/H12-H18/H22-H28/H32-H38
5083/5085 H116/H321/H131


** O/F temper available
** For other customized alloys and tempers, please contact us


Hot Rolled Plates


Temper Thickness (mm)

Width (mm)

2024 T351/T851 8~127 1220~1270





8~127 1220~1270
6061/6082 T651 8~203 1220~1250
5083/5086/5052 H116/H321/H131/H34 8~70 1220~1270


** O/ F temper available
** For other customized alloys and tempers, please contact us



  Hot Rolled Wire






                                       Diameter Weight
Redraw wire 8.0mm~32mm (0.315"~1.26")

300kg / coil

(no welding)

Finished wire 2mm~30mm (0.079"~1.18")












** Larger sizes and welding to larger weight available through inquiry